The NCSSA is planning additional webinars in 2014. Stay tuned for more information. If you have topic suggestions, please email info@ncssaonline.org.

Webinars on Demand

Did you miss an NCSSA webinar because of a schedule conflict or time limitation? NCSSA realizes that members are very busy so is offering the webinars at your convenience. You can purchase the recordings of previous webinars by contacting the NCSSA office. Webinars on demand are $10 for members and $25 for non-members.

Key Features of Facility Maintenance and Doors

Presented by March Chase, Southeast Management Company and Richard Lillie, Janus International

The webinar discusses different ways to increase profitability of the self storage industry through facility maintenance and doors. You'll learn the steps to take to make your business have a greater rate of return.

Making Social Media Work For You

Presented by March Chase, Southeast Management Company and Patti Thomas, Absolute Storage Management

The webinar discusses the different forums for social media in today's self storage industry, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, QR Codes and LinkedIn. You'll learn how to get involved, how to create a page/footprint and most importantly, network effectively to advertise your business.

Understanding the North Carolina Lien Law and Auction Process

Presented by Craig Robertson, director of storage operations, Morningstar Properties, LLC

This webinar provides an explanation of all the provisions within the North Carolina lien law and reviews the steps needed when processing a lien sale. The webinar includes a review of:
* the North Carolina Self Storage Facilities Act, codified under Article 4, Chapter 44A – Statutory Liens and Charges
* changes made to North Carolina lien law in 2009
* documenting a self storage auction
* preliminary and lien sale notices
* the importance of keeping the correct number of days between notices and events
* taking proper inventory of a unit
* how to best handle illegal items found in a lien space and items that should not be sold at auction
* searches of liens on stored items through Secretary of State website
* advertising a storage auction – what must be included and when it must be published
* how to determine auction fees
* how to effectively accepting partial payment from customers in lien status and when you should accept them
* the auction day; hire an auctioneer or do it yourself?
* how to handle a tenant in lien that files for bankruptcy
* how you can get rid of a problem customer that is constantly in and out of lien status
* what to do when a customer opts for a hearing
* alternatives to having a lien sale
* the most common lien sale mistakes made by storage operators

Please contact the NCSSA office at 919.900.4864 to purchase any of these essential webinars!