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We held a storage unit auction and there was a vehicle in the unit.

Highway 69 Storage - Mary Wiegold

We held a storage unit auction on Saturday, January 28, 2017. In the unit there was a vehicle. We told the successful bidder we would research the sale of the vehicle. The vehicle has a Georgia plate and the tenant lived in Georgia. What are the proper procedures to sell / dispose of the vehicle? Would we follow the North Carolina auction lien laws for vehicle sale and or disposal - or do we need to follow the State of Georgia vehicle auction lien law?

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Eddie Stallings on Thursday 02/02/2017 at 05:49PM wrote:

Mary, Someone else may have a better answer but we use a towing service to negate our liability. Good luck!

Highway 69'Storage on Thursday 02/02/2017 at 08:00PM wrote:

We contacted a local towing company and they said we would use the NC statutes. We would complete a form from NCDMV and they will do title research, place a value on the vehicle, and then we would complete another form and submit that form to our County Clerk office.
Not done yet........then we would be able to have either a private or public sale.......
Yes, I agree with you......turn the vehicle over to a towing company!

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